Monadnock Music is excited to announce the 51st season schedule of 2016!

On Thursday, June 16th, patrons and guests of the festival participated in a launch party at Waterhouse Restaurant in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Guests were greeted by board members, including William Fregosi (President), Deborah Waldo, John Shonle, Lilliane LeBel, and Ray Petty. Guests were also greeted by Managing Director, Laina Barakat, Artistic Director, Gil Rose, and founding member of MM, Jocelyn Bolle.

William Fregosi, President of the Board of Trustees.

Participants were complimented with delicious appetizers and desserts too good to pass up.  Discounted tickets and memberships were sold by Office Assistant, Ryleigh Lorimer and Marketing/PR coordinator, Alex Avery.


The evening commenced with a welcoming speech from President of the Board, William Fregosi, expressing his gratitude to everyone who came out. He then passed on his speech to MM’s new Managing Director, Laina Barakat. She expressed her enthusiasm to be part of MM’s legacy and continuation of eclectic music. Barakat also stated that she is open to suggestions. “I’d like to hear your feedback to make this festival grow” she said. “I’m here for you.”

Lastly, Gil Rose took center of the space and introduced why MM vitalizes the Monadnock region of NH. He then announced MM’s program beginning with the festivals townhouse concerts (which is located at Peterborough’s Town Hall).

Laina Barakat, Managing Director

The fist townhouse concert will kick off with music written for choreographer, Martha Graham. Second town house concert will be a vocal recital dedicated to the late Phyllis Curtin, an iconic soprano. Baritone, Stephen Salters will be accompanied by Linda Osborn on Piano. Third townhouse concert will be an exploration of New England Psalm singing and a world premier piece based on Native American Music, with works by Ross Lee Finney and Carson Cooman. Last town concert will wrap up with MM’s second year of the Beethoven Cycle, with the composers Symphony No. 4 and Symphony No. 7.


MM will also host free village concerts in Keene, Deering, Milford, Francestown, Jaffrey, Sullivan, Harrisville, Temple, and Nelson with voluntary donations accepted with admission. The Monadnock Music Piano Trio and the Monadnock Music Sinfonietta will kick off in the first half of the village concerts. Grand Harmonie, a classical music group using periodic musical instruments, will also be featured in MM’s village concert series. Exsultemus vocal group, with selected soloists will take place in Sullivan NH. Finally, the Monadnock Music String quartet will wrap up the Village concert series with compositions by Ives, Haydn, Stravinsky, Schubert, Faure, and more!

Full Season Schedule (Click here to read full descriptions of each performance). 

TownHouse Concerts – (located at 1 Grove St. Peterborough, NH). Tickets are $30.00 for each performance.

July 16th, 8pm – Music for Martha Graham.

July 23rd, 7:30pm – Music dedicated to Phyllis Curtain, Baritone Stephen Salters.

July 31st, 3pm – The New England Psalm, BMOP .

August 13th, 7:30pm – Beethoven Symphony No. 4 and Symphony No. 7.

Village Concerts –

July 17th, 3pm – Monadnock Music Piano Trio (84 Hastings Ave, Keene NH).

July 21st, 7:30pm – Monadnock Music Piano Trio (763 Deering Center Road, Deering NH).

July 24th, 3pm – Music by Henry Cowell, Aaron Copland, Richard Dubugnon, Astor Piazzola, Wolfgang Mozart. Performers TBA. (20 Elm Street, Milford NH).

July 28th, 7:30pm – Monadnock Music Sinfonietta (1 New Boston Road, Francestown NH).

July 30th, 7:30pm – Members of the Grand Harmonie (Blackberry Lane, Jaffrey NH).

August 4th, 7:30pm – Exsultemus vocal group (4 Church Street, Sullivan NH).

August 6th, 7:30pm – Monadnock Music String Quartet (13 Canal Street, Harrisville NH).

August 7th, 3pm – Monadnock Music String Quartet (17 Main Street, Temple NH).

August 11th, 7:30pm – Monandock Music String Quartet (830 Nelson Road, Nelson NH).


For More Information – 

Monadnock Music Season Schedule

MM Tickets




2 thoughts on “Season Schedule Announced at Waterhouse Restaurant

  1. I’m very interested in hearing a George Rochberg quartet. Can you tell me which one will be on the program for the August 6 th concert?
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Kathleen,

      The program for August 6th will be:

      “Three Idylls” – Bridge
      “Quartet Two” – Szymanowski
      “Quartet Three” – Rochberg.

      This event will be at the Harrisville Community Church at 7:30pm.

      Please let us know if you have any more questions!

      – Monadnock Music


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